July 14, 2014

Bodies'€¦ The Exhibition is a must-see exhibit that provides a unique and informative view of the human body. You can see more than 200 actual human bodies and specimens, all meticulously preserved and respectfully displayed. Forget everything you'€™ve seen about the human body in textbook diagrams '€“ this is the real thing.

Bodies'€¦The Exhibition is located inside the former historic Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, in the same building as Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition. Both are a must-see and make for a perfect half-day activity. You can spend one to two hours in each of the two exhibits. There'€™s a Starbucks conveniently located near the entrance of the building, and across the street are dinner shows Medieval Times and Pirate'€™s Dinner Adventure. Knott'€™s Berry Farm is also just a couple of blocks away!

The idea of seeing real human specimens might make some hesitate, but after seeing it for myself I can say that it is extremely interesting and educational. For example, in the digestive room you can really see just how long the intestines are. You can look closely at the entire nervous system and realize the large amount of veins that pump blood throughout your body. There are also areas that display what diseases look like, including Parkinson'€™s, cancer and even a smoker'€™s lungs.

There are docents walking around each room, ready to answer any questions or provide more information. They explained to me that each cadaver died of natural causes or disease. After being donated to research, the preserving process of the bodies can take up to one year to complete.

So whether you are a medical student ready to see the human body up close, or a person (like me) that wants to know what we look like on the inside, Bodies'€¦The Exhibition is a unique experience that's definitely worth checking out.

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