May 15, 2014

Anaheim'€™s brood of breweries offers environments as unique and eclectic as the suds brewed at each establishment. From deconstructed industrial buildings to sleek havens of community, there is much more to Anaheim'€™s beer scene than may meet the eye '€“ or taste buds. " 

Anaheim Brewery

Atmosphere: Family-friendly, haven for community

Where you'€™ll find it: 336 S Anaheim Blvd.

Suggested brew: Anaheim Red

Anaheim Brewery

Unusual in its heart-of-downtown location, Anaheim Brewery is the kind of place where everyone seems to know each other '€“ though they have just met. Community and friendship are always on tap at Anaheim Brewery, encouraged strongly by the lack of televisions and expansive family-style picnic tables on the patio." 

Anaheim Brewery patio

Though Anaheim Brewery'€™s brews are served sans-food (unless you visit on a Taco Tuesday), the neighboring Umami Burger'€™s menu is sure to complement your brew of choice. Aside from building community at their brewery, owners/brewmasters Barbara and Greg " also actively host and participate in community events in Anaheim, including their annual Founders Day celebration, and were recently featured in the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau's "Faces of Tourism" series.

Noble Ale Works

Atmosphere: Industrial & casual
Where you'€™ll find it: 1621 S. Sinclair St. Ste B
Suggested brew: Rosalita

Noble Ale Works menu

Quietly nestled in an industrial neighborhood across from Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Noble Ale Works is the ideal watering hole for thirty-something beer lovers and sports enthusiasts. Here, you'€™ll find no frills or fancy seating '€“ just bold flavors served with an up-close view of their brewing kitchen. Though Noble Ale'€™s fun and funky menu (featuring beers like '€œGosebusters'€ and '€œMan'€™s Milk'€) is food-free, food trucks frequent the parking lot to keep drinkers well fed.

Noble Ale Works food trucks

If you'€™re looking to grab a couple beers before the game, this is the place to go.

Phantom Ales

Atmosphere: Urban casual
Where you'€™ll find it: 1211 N. Las Brisas St.
Suggested brew: All Mosaic DIPA

A one-stop shop for all things brews, Phantom Ales offers beer, wine and ciders in a macabre-meets-English-pub atmosphere and also sells an array of home-brewing supplies. Here, patrons pull up a stool to the barrel-based bar or gather around a table with friends to eat, drink and be merry.

Phantom Brew interior

Phantom Ales sells only their own brews, which constantly rotate to offer a variety of their audaciously delicious beer. Passion for their products exudes from the staff as the night'€™s on-tap menu is revealed. The food at Phantom Ales is far from typical pub fare, offering complex and bold flavors in an ever-changing menu. Though there are some constant favorites on their menu (don'€™t leave until you'€™ve tried the Oink and Moos sliders), many of the made-fresh items change frequently '€“ in fact, we received a new menu half way through our last visit! Whether you'€™re a beer novice or aficionado, Phantom Ales is the place to be. "